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Infant-Toddler Center

The Infant-Toddler Center located in First Baptist Church of Raleigh is committed to providing quality childcare. While the Center’s particular emphasis is on the well-being of infants and toddlers, the program also promotes a safe, loving environment with satisfying developmental experiences for all who participate.

A Little History …

The Infant Toddler Center was founded in October 1975 as a mission of First Baptist Church and remains a vital ministry of the church today. It began servicing the community by opening its doors to 24 children of parents who sought economic independence.

Today, the Infant Toddler Center serves children from all socioeconomic backgrounds: some pay full tuition while others receive sponsorship through various programs here in the Triangle such as Smart Start and Wake County Department of Health and Human Services.

In 2015, the Infant Toddler Center was awarded a rating of five stars under the latest North Carolina Child Care licensing standards. The star licensing system reflects the overall quality of care provided to children as observed by a child care licensing specialist and the average level of education of the teachers and Center’s director.


The Infant Toddler Center is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members of First Baptist Church and four parents from the Infant Toddler Center. Through its operation, the Center is committed to providing quality child care in the downtown area of Raleigh, North Carolina. This program’ s emphasis is on the well being of infants and toddlers, and encourages and promotes development and satisfying experiences for all that participate. Trained early childhood professional, working together with parents, offer a program of activities designed to facilitate the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children seven weeks to three years of age.

The uniqueness of our program is its specialization in the care and teaching of children aged three and younger. This allows our teachers to train intensely in matters that pertain directly to those very early years in a child’s life. Teachers at the Infant Toddler Center offer a very keen eye and a treasure of experience that allow them to understand and appreciate the varying events that arise in the infant and toddler years.

The Goals of the Infant Toddler Center

The goals of the Infant Toddler Center are to recognize and contribute to meeting the following needs for the child and family as a whole:

  1. The need to be loved and accepted unconditionally.
  2. The need of security gained by being accepted as members of a group.
  3. The need for getting to know one’s self by developing a positive self-image.
  4. The need to gain approval and receive praise from peers as well as adults.
  5. The need to develop independence by way of assuming responsibilities and making decisions.
  6. The need to be creative.
  7. The need to express ideas and emotions in a constructive manner.
  8. The need to be allowed to develop in all areas:social, emotional, physical and intellectual at one’s own pace.
  9. The need for parents to participate in all Center activities through daily conversations, conferences, volunteering and regularly scheduled parent programs.

Tuition and Fees

Monthly tuition rates (effective September 2019) are as follows…
          Infants    $1,600.00
          Toddlers $1,400.00
An annual registration fee of $200 will be charged for each child upon initial enrollment and for each school year the child is enrolled.
“Providing Quality Care For Over 30 Years”
Nikki Harris, ITC Director
(919) 832-4650 Office / (919) 832-6726 Fax

ITC Waiting List Application

Infant-Toddler Center Parent Handbook

       2019-2020 ITC Calendar

2019-2020 ITC Calendar

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