First Baptist Church

Instructions to GIVE ONLINE through VANCO

First Baptist Church – Raleigh is pleased to offer the option of giving online through a secure website with VANCO. Giving through VANCO online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet.  In order to use VANCO, you must create a profile.   This is for your security and to ensure accurate accounting of your donation or payment. 

If you do not wish to create a VANCO profile, you may use the PayPal option located on the home page of the FBC website.  With PayPaL you may only make a one time payment.   If  you do not have a PayPal account, you may still make a credit/debit card payment but will not be able to use PayPal for a checking account withdraw unless you set up a PayPal account and enter your checking account as a payment method with PayPal. 

The VANCO option will allow YOU to be in complete control of your giving.  Our current automatic drafting process is cumbersome to set up and also to amend.  The Financial Office has to be involved in all aspects of our current process, from setting up the draft to uploading the drafts, individually, for each draft we do.  As you would expect that is a time consuming process which costs the church money as we pay for our Financial Services per hour.  So by using our GIVE ONLINE option, you will be in complete control and save the church money.

If you currently take advantage of our Automatic Draft option, please contact our Financial Office ( or 919-832-4485, ext 210) to move your recurring contribution from Automatic Draft to this new online giving option.  We encourage everyone currently on the Automatic Draft option to enroll in this online giving option so that you will be in complete control of your giving and can make changes at any time.

In addition to your regular giving to support the church budget, you will also be able to schedule donations to our three yearly missions offerings (Heck-Jones, NC Missions, and CBF Global Missions).  You may do so as a one-time donation or even spread the contribution out through the year by selecting a recurring option.  Likewise, you may give to the Mike Morris Fellowship Offering through this giving option.  In the future, we will add the option of giving “in honor of/in memory of” gifts to specific church accounts or just give an undesignated gift “in honor of/in memory of.”

To take advantage of this option simply follow these easy steps:


  1. Click on the green GIVE ONLINE through VANCO button at the bottom of this page.

  2. Click on the Create Profile button on the secure giving page.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create an online profile

  4. Sign into your account and make your one time donation or schedule your recurring contributions.

  5. In the future simply go to the bottom of the church website home page and click on the green GIVE ONLINE button to go directly to the secure giving page.

Here are some common questions you may have and our answers:

  1. How do I start giving on line?  When you click on the green GIVE ON LINE button at the bottom of our home page you will be directed to the giving site.  Before you will be able to give, you must create a profile through the Create Profile button.

  2. How secure is giving on line? We have contracted with VANCO, a premier financial processing company that is used by 1000s of churches and businesses nationwide, to provide our service.  When you connect to VANCO through your sign-on you will be on a site as secure as doing business with your bank.

  3. May I make recurring payments?    You have the option of setting up a recurring payment either once a month or weekly.  And of course, you can give just the one time.

  4. May I pick the starting date of my recurring donation?   You may set a date to start the recurring payment for whatever date you wish.

  5. How do I cancel my recurring payment or change the amount or frequency? You simply enter a new recurring payment for the new amount ($0 to cancel) and make the start date the day you make the changes.  You are completely in control of your giving.

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