First Baptist Church

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are available for all ages, from Toddlers to Senior Citizens beginning at 9:45 a.m. Besides weekly gatherings to learn more about the Bible and our walk with God, Sunday School classes have numerous social, mission and fellowship gatherings throughout the year.

Community Table
Predominantly single adults, both men and women, of diverse ages, experiences and backgrounds. We welcome anyone who enjoys a stimulating and thought-provoking round-table discussion. Class style is facilitation with lots of open discussion and guest teachers. The class gathers at the Table (in the church conference room) with a time of sharing celebrations and concerns, followed by the weekly lesson and discussion.

Brewer Johnson
In 2016 two Sunday school classes of lively ladies, ages 60 and up, combined to form the Brewer-Johnson class.  The classroom is on the first floor of the Lewis Building in room 110.   Five teachers alternate in leading the class in Bible study through presentation, discussion, and sharing insights from the class members and the teacher.  Social events are enjoyed during the year.  All are welcome.

Everette Miller Friendship Class
The essence of the Everette Miller Friendship class is its genuine spirit of caring and giving which nurtures lasting friendships.  The hallmark of class bible study is one of candid, interactive and stimulating discussion … respectful of others opinions and receptive to (and expectant of) learning and growing in the knowledge of the word of God.

The Formations class began as a couples class in the “formative” years of their relationships…engaged, early years of marriage, young children. We have grown together as a class as our own family relationships have matured. Most class members are now in their 30s and 40s, but our lessons and other class activities have application to every stage of life. We are busy with careers and children. During our class time we share the significant events of our week and focus on keeping God as our guiding force in sometimes hectic lives. We seek out opportunities during the year to know each other better through “formal” retreats and informal dinners, picnics and pool parties, mission trips and book studies. We are an extended Christian family, and we welcome all.

First Baptist Church sponsors a mission church for Japanese speaking persons in the Raleigh area.  A full-time Japanese pastor leads this congregation in weekly worship and weekday Bible studies. The congregation meets in the First Baptist facilities and welcomes inquiries about their fellowship.

John Hiott Fellowship
Often thought of as “Couples 55 and up,” it is open to all who wish to join. It began as the first “couples class” at FBC in 1953. Today the membership consists of couples and singles with average attendance of about 50. Weekly Bible Study, active participation in church sponsored service and mission activities, providing teachers for other classes, serving on a variety of committees—most any church project, mission project or outreach will have class members participating. Unity of the members is enriched by diverse backgrounds, and is expressed in compassionate care for one another and for all church members. The fellowship of the class finds expression in a monthly social activity, an annual weekend at Caswell Assembly, a Christmas banquet, celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

Charting a path for Christian living brings this group of 40s-and-up together each Sunday for Bible Study. Couples and singles can be found in fellowship at a class social, working side by side in mission opportunities or at the beach on family retreats.

The Journey
The Journey is an exciting class of young-minded adults who believe in a healthy mixture of Bible study, socializing, learning, and missions, with the inclusion of others as an important ingredient. Members are generally in their 30s. Whether single or married, with or without children, all are invited to visit.

Grains of Sand
Primarily twenty-something/before kids, members are singles and couples uniting to create a family who will strive to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. The class strives to follow Christ as one through fellowship, Bible Study, mutual support, mission endeavors and a willingness to serve the community, all the while sharing an excitement derived from an ever-growing relationship with Christ. The tent is large—the door is open.

Unity class is a group of Christians committed to growing in faith. Composed of married couples and single people in their 40s and 50s, we have a diverse family mix where children range in age from preschoolers to college students. The class uses lecture and discussion during the lessons, occasionally inviting a guest lecturer to study a specific topic. Two of our more popular events are the Christmas covered-dish dinner and a chili cook-off typically held in February. Other special events have included taking our families to Camp Caswell on retreat.

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