First Baptist Church



This fall we are undertaking a new approach to discipleship programming for adults on Wednesday nights. This new shift will be one that recognizes the roles of our mind, spirit, and body in our development as Christians. On most Wednesday nights we will have two electives – one that focuses on the mind/spirit and another that focuses on getting the body moving. Adults will have the choice to attend the elective that best fits their needs. With this change comes brand new times that you’ll see in a detailed schedule below.


Our mind/spirit elective next month will be on the Enneagram approach to spiritual and personal growth. Sam and Melody Harrell, former CBF Field Personnel and current Associate Coordinator of Global Missions, will lead a three-week study on this personality typing system. The Enneagram is a map that illuminates nine distinct patterns of the human personality. It is a powerful and practical system available for lending emotional and social intelligence to creating and sustaining relationships. This workshop will offer an understanding of the system and an introduction to the nine types. Participants will leave with the framework and tools to further explore and discover the Enneagram for their own lives. The Enneagram elective will take place in the Fellowship Hall.

For our body elective, Meg Dare will lead some sessions to get us moving and stretching, using principles of yoga appropriate for all levels! Participants are invited to join in whatever clothes they are currently wearing, and the use of a chair will be provided for those who need it. We hope that this gentle yoga elective offers a chance to move in a way that energizes and refreshes, as we center ourselves in the middle of the week. Join Meg in room 302 for this elective.

We hope you will join us for Wednesday nights this fall! Invite your friends and neighbors to this special time of fellowship, learning, and connection.

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