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Online (FBP) Enrollment

Thank you so much for your interest in our Weekday Preschool Program! Remember in order to complete the registration process, the registration fee must be received.  You can either submit online via paypal or mail in a check or drop by payment. Once payment arrives, your child will be placed in a classroom or on the wait list and you will be contacted. Auto draft and vaccination records must be turned in before the start of school in order for your child to attend.  You may send those in upon placement in a class or at your earliest convenience

Child's Name (Last, Middle, First)*
Name Used:
Date of Birth:*
Home Address:
Home Phone
Home E-mail*
Father's Name*
Father's Cell *
Father's Employer
Father's Work Phone
Mother's Name*
Mother's Employer
Mother's Cell*
Mother's Work Phone
Siblings Names/Ages
Who may we thank for referring you to FBP?
Do you attend church?
If so, where?
Would you like more information about First Baptist Church and its ministries?
Would you like to receive the First Baptist monthly newsletter?
Does your child have any special physical or developmental challenges?
Special testing or evaluations?
List any food or environmental allergies.
Please list symptoms and treatment for each allergy.
Please provide any information that you think would be helpful to our teachers (fears, likes, dislikes, play habits).
What are your goals and expectations for your child this year?
Has your child had any previous preschool or group experience?
Do you have special talents that you would be willing to share with our children or access to services that would enhance our preschool through field trips or in-school programs?

Class Choices: Please indicate your class choice.

Two Day Program ($210/mo)
Three Day Program ($265/mo)
Four Day Program ($315/mo)
Five Day Program ($355/mo)

Pick Up Information: List three persons authorized to pick up your child.


List persons NOT authorized to pick up your child.

Name/Phone/Relationship (not authorized)

Release Statements: Please read and check the following release statements.

I give my permission for my child's picture/name to be used for information purposes and to promote the understanding of quality childcare (mainly for use in our preschool brochure or web site). We would only use a child's picture with no name attached for safety reasons. *
I have read the Weekday Preschool Handbook and agree to follow all policies and procedures noted therein.*
FBP uses MEMBERHUB for most of the communication. I am able and willing to join in an effort to stay informed about classroom and preschool-wide happenings. *
I understand that tuition will be collected via electronic funds transfer. I have completed and submitted an electronic funds transfer authorization form to ensure the advance tuition for September will be able to be drafted on August 5, 2017. Subsequent tuition payments will be collected one month in advance and will be drafted on the 5th of each month (September through April). Delinquent payments are subject to an assessment equal to any bank fees associated with the transaction. *
If applicable, I understand that I must have an Allergy Action Plan completed by a physician on file before my child can start school.*
I give my permission to allow my child to attend all walking field trips (Bye Bye Buggie for one year olds). Walking field trips include but are not limited to any walks we take around the Capitol building, NC Museum of Natural Science, etc. The One's Class will always be contained in a Bye Bye Buggy (stroller that holds 4 or more children) or other strollers. *

All emergency cards and a copy of y our child's immunization record must be completed and returned prior to the first day of school. Emergency cards will be available for pick up in May and also on parent night. FBP is an allergy aware school. You will be required to have an Allergy Action Plan on file by the first day of school if your child has any food allergies. We may ask all parents to limit the foods sent to school to provide the safest environment for all children.

Emergency Information: Child's Physician*
Physician's Phone:*
Child's Dentist*
Dentist's Phone*
Hospital Preference
List 3 local persons that we may contact in case of an emergency.

Thank you for registering! If you have any questions, contact Crystal Bacon!

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