First Baptist Church

Preschool Information

The weekday preschool program is an educational outreach of First Baptist Church that provides a high quality, low cost preschool program without regard to race, gender, or creed.

A “helping parent” co/op program for 1- 4 year old children, our goal is to enhance the growth and development of each child by:

~ Providing a safe, healthy, and stimulating physical space

~ Considering the developmental needs and interests of each child as well as the group

~ Offering a curriculum that focuses on the “process” of learning in a play environment

~ Providing opportunities to enhance children’s self esteem

~ Encouraging parent involvement and supporting the family in its child-rearing roll

We are open Tuesday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (with lunch served) from September through May (following the Wake County Public Schools Traditional Calendar)

First Baptist Weekday Preschool operates from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., September through May. A nutritious lunch is provided by the preschool each day, and the morning snack is provided by parents in each class. We mostly follow the Wake County Public Schools traditional calendar in regards to holidays and vacations.

We have a helping parent’s co-op program in which we use parents as volunteer helpers in the classroom. This helps us keep tuition costs low and also allows parents to be directly involved in the program. You are required to work 4 hours each month per child enrolled. (See handbook)

We are a close knit family here at First Baptist Weekday Preschool, and we pride ourselves in having such a close relationship. The children and parents here are building bonds to last a lifetime. Our teachers are well-qualified and dedicated to creating a safe and loving environment. Instruction is focused on learning through play while encouraging responsibility, independence and creativity.

We have a unique opportunity based on our downtown location. We are within walking distance to the Capitol grounds and local museums. It is quite common for our ones and twos to stroll around the Capitol Building and experience the seasonal changes, while our threes and fours enjoy many trips to local museums for story time and other enrichment programs.

It is recommended that all registration forms and fees be hand delivered to the Preschool office for assurance of delivery and timeliness.

Registration fees are non- refundable. Children must be the correct age for their class by August 31, 2012. Complete information about our Open House in September, will be mailed to your home in August.

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