First Baptist Church

Minister with Community Job Description

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Job Description

Minister with Community

Principal Purpose:

The Minister with Community generates opportunities for the FBC faith community to express and develop our Christian faith by engaging in the life of our local community, especially our downtown neighbors, and serving as a loving source of nurture and challenge.

Immediate Supervisor:

The Pastor

Ministerial Duties

The Minister with Community will provide leadership and vision for FBC to build a stronger community ministry through support and development of current and new programs.  This person will be instrumental in helping our church grow by becoming a more welcoming and more engaged presence in the life of our Downtown Raleigh community and beyond.

  • Inspire our congregation to take leadership and hands-on roles in serving our community to further our belief in the need for our church to be mission-focused.
  • Serve as staff liaison with current FBC Community Ministry partner organizations (i.e. Food Bank, Urban Ministries of Wake County, Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, etc.), and work with the Community Ministries Committee to explore expansion of current programs and/or new partnerships.
  • Expand relationships with other groups and organizations in our community.
  • Identify and assess community needs and partners to work with us to address those needs.
  • Make FBC a welcoming place where our downtown neighbors can visit programs, receive services, serve others and experience the love of Christ.
  • Provide leadership in the FBC Clothing Ministry and other Community Ministry programs.
  • Lead the church’s ministry to members of the community seeking spiritual/physical/financial assistance.
  • Create and administer the Community Ministry Committee’s budget in conjunction with the Community Ministry Commission.
  • Provide guidance to church organizations such as the Greeters and Ushers, Sunday School Outreach Committee, Publicity Committee and others to further the mission of our Community Ministry.
  • Lead the church’s response to visitors by helping people new to FBC make connections within the church family.
  • Guide the church’s use of social media as a vehicle for creating awareness and building connections.

General Pastoral Duties

The Minister with Community is also responsible for the following additional assignments under the direction of the pastor:

  • Assist in pastoral care of members, including participation with the ministerial staff in hospital visitation.
  • Assist in conducting worship services.
  • Other appropriate responsibilities as assigned by the pastor.



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