First Baptist Church

March Mission Project

The mission project for March is different from our usual routine of either collecting money or collecting items for a cause. This month we are asked to choose to be kind – all of us are kind-hearted folks who do for others as we can, but take the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone!  Below are a few suggestions.  A complete list will be made available for you to take home.  You’ll be asked to write (anonymously if you wish) what you’ve done on a large list that will be attached to the glass in the Lewis Lobby.   Inspire someone!  We do these acts of kindness in the name of Jesus who told us to “…love one another…” John 13:34.


  1. Maybe you’ve never volunteered to help in the Clothing Ministry and would like to help there.
  1. You can pack a bag of non perishable food to keep in your car and as you see someone around town who asks for your help, you’ll have something to give them.
  1. Schools can always use volunteers as can the programs right here at First Baptist.
  1. If you knit or crochet, you can make scarves or hats for the Clothing Ministry or to pass out around town (surely we will still have a bit more winter!).
  1. All of us have neighbors that we haven’t taken the time to meet or get to know – a meal or a treat would surely be appreciated.
  1. Senior folks who aren’t able to do yard work or run their errands would certainly appreciate an offer of help.
  1. There may be children you know who don’t have grandparents or whose grandparents live far away who would enjoy some of your time.
  1. You and your children or grandchildren could bake cookies and deliver them to your local fire or police station.
  1.  You could canvas your neighborhood for used clothes to donate to the Clothing Ministry.
  1. You could call or visit one of our homebound members to check in and see if they have a need you could meet.
  1. Choose to sit somewhere different in worship or on Wednesday night and meet new friends.
  1. Make a point to speak to a stranger every day.
  1. Tell the cashier in the drive thru that you will pay for the car behind you or pick up the check for a stranger in a restaurant.
  1. Check in with someone in your Sunday School class who hasn’t attended in awhile and tell them that you miss them.
  1. Take the time to write a letter to someone who has been important in your life and tell them what they mean to you.

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