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First Baptist Church relies on its members to finance everything from day-to-day operations  to mission trips to Endowments for maintenance of our historic sanctuary. Our Church has been blessed with a generous congregation that takes advantage of the numerous giving options available. Explore the many ways to contribute to the life of the Church.

Year-End Contributions to FBC

At year’s end, please continue to be faithful to your financial stewardship commitment.  Your generous support toward the budget will allow us to end the year with a solid base. Many members make contributions of stock and avoid paying income tax on the long-term capital gain which would be due if the stock were sold. If you are interested in contributing in this manner, consult your tax advisor regarding the effect on your individual tax situation. The church has an account with LPL Financial, a discount broker, which minimizes the commission incurred by the church when the stock is sold. To give stock to the church, have your broker contact LPL Financial at 1-855-575-9656 or transfer the stock by using the LPL DTC number 0075 and the church account number 32304441. It is extremely important that you notify the Financial Administrator so the gift can be credited to the account of the donor’s choosing and so that the donor’s contribution record can be marked accordingly for tax purposes. You may contact the Financial Administrator by e-mail at or by phone at 919-832-4485, ext. 210. Thank you for your financial support of the ministries of our great church.


First Baptist Church relies on the generous donation of time, talent and money to fulfill its mission of being a servant community of faith making disciples for Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. “Telling Your Story” — our 2014-2015 Stewardship theme – emphasizes gifts of every size and kind is what builds the Church. Stewardship is not a one-time commitment, it is a way of life that builds our faith and brings us closer to God.

Memorial Gifts

Donors are acknowledged in writing when a memorial gift is made and the family of the person in whose memory the gift is given is notified of the gift.

Day Mission Fund

This fund was established in 2007 to celebrate the retirement and service of Pastor J. Daniel Day. The earnings from this fund will provide continuing support for mission projects by First Baptist Church.

Church Maintenance Endowment & Gift Cards

The Endowment Fund was created in 1997 and bears the official name of the Church Facility Maintenance and Replacement Fund. As that name stipulates, this fund exists in order to provide a permanent source of funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the church’s physical facility. The fund is an endowment fund; that is, the principal will not be used, but rather be invested. Fund earnings will be available to maintain and repair the physical facilities at First Baptist, including the building itself and its furniture, fixtures and equipment. Gifts to the Endowment may be made in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. A special “Endowment Card” will be mailed to recipient for all gifts over $10.

Planned Giving

If it is important for us to nurture God’s work during our lifetime, why would we not assist in assuring the continuation of His mission in the future? We all desire to be good stewards of the gifts with which God has blessed us, but sometimes we are unsure of the best way to get started. Planned Giving is the answer. One of the most enjoyable aspects of estate planning is the opportunity it provides you to decide how and where your gifts will be used.

In 1997 our church established an endowment fund for the primary purpose of maintaining and repairing our buildings. Gifts to this fund are invested and only the income, not principal, is used for this purpose. When a gift is made to the endowment fund, it is a permanent gift that will continue to produce income through the ages. The official name of the endowment fund is the Church Facility Maintenance and Replacement Fund, which is explained further in a brochure available in the church office: “Planting Trees for Others to Enjoy.”

Our church has had two capital campaigns in recent years, and we are faced with a major annual expenditure to maintain our facilities. We recognize the importance of consistent maintenance and further realize that significant funds for this purpose will be needed indefinitely. If our endowment fund gradually increases over the years, future generations of church members can concentrate their funds and efforts more directly toward the mission of the church while the endowment income can be used to maintain our beloved religious center and glorify God for generations to come.

We are pleased that our endowment fund has reached $3 million and understand that the majority of these funds have come through planned gifts from some of our most loyal members. We now encourage all of our members to consider directing a planned gift to our church through one of the following:

1.  An outright gift: cash, stocks, bonds, real estate or life insurance.
2. A bequest in your Will: property, a specific sum of dollars given for a specific purpose or a percentage of your estate.
3. A living trust: used in conjunction with your Will to begin management of your assets while you’re still living.
4. A testamentary trust: provide for multiple beneficiaries (including your church) and can give the trustee discretion in administering your estate.
5. Life income gifts: provide income to you during your lifetime and a gift to the church after your death; can take the form of a Charitable Remainder Trust, Annuity Trust or Gift Annuity.

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