First Baptist Church


Please contact Anne Cooke,, 919-782-7491, if you would like to help. Thank you!!

SHEPHERDS – will be assigned to a guest family and escort them through the entire shopping process.

WRAPPERS – will be responsible for wrapping gifts for the families. 2 shifts 8:00 to 10:30 and 10:30 to 12:30

TAKE OUT GIFTWRAP ROOM – will hand out pre-packaged bags of gift wrapping supplies to the guests.

ELVES – will be assigned to an area in the Fellowship Hall and will help the families make gift choices for their children.

ADULT GIFT TABLE – will supervise the distribution of gifts for the adult shoppers.

REGISTRATION TABLE FOR GUESTS – will be responsible for checking our guests in.

FELLOWSHIP HALL SUPERVISOR – will be responsible for admitting families to the Fellowship Hall in an orderly and timely manner.

CHILDCARE WORKERS – will help with childcare for guests’ children and/or will assist children as they make a gift for their parents during the time they are in the Preschool Suite. Must be FBC or Youth Group members.

CHILDCARE REGISTRATION – will register children as they come into the Preschool Suite and check them out as their families pick them up.

CLEANUP – will clean up the areas that have been used in the morning and make sure that all is ready for Sunday School. Arrive at 12:30

STOCKINGS – will hand out stockings to the guests.

DOOR RECEPTIONISTS – will be stationed at outside doors to admit guests (Clothing Ministry area) and to see them off (Hillsborough St. door).

REINDEER – will help guests carry their gifts as they shop and to their cars as needed.

TRANSLATORS – will work in various areas as needed (Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.)

LIBRARIANS – will assist guests in choosing books

ZOO KEEPERS – will help guests choose stuffed animals, puzzles and games

ANGELS – will be assigned to the Clothing Ministry area to visit with guests as they wait to shop

FLOATERS – will be assigned to areas as needed on Dec. 9th

CANDY MAN (OR WOMAN) – will give out candy canes to the guests



Toy Joy is rapidly approaching and your assistance is needed! Each year our Toy Joy shopping event provides Christmas gifts for approximately 1,000 children from 300 families through your new and gently used toy, book, and stuffed animal donations.

Below are some suggested donations and gift ideas that have been compiled for various age groups. We generally receive a lot of gently used toys for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool Ages and always have a particular need for donations for older children, especially teenagers. We are not accepting bikes and tricycles this year.

Monetary donations are always welcome and used to supplement donated items. Make your check payable to First Baptist Church and put Toy Joy in the memo line.

Babies and Toddlers

Baby blankets


Teething toys

Hand toys

Bath toys

Play Tables

Push toys / riding toys



Duplo Legos

Playdough Sets

Cars (larger, no small pieces)

Kitchen Sets / Dishes


Ages 5-7

Scooter & Helmet

Playground / Soccer Balls (Size 3)


Action Figures

Art Set

Barbies / SuperHero Dolls

Cars (Hotwheels sets)

Ages 8-11



Soccer Balls (Size 4) / BasketBalls and air pumps

SnapCircuit Sets

Solar Rover Cars

Crafting Sets

Jewelry Making / Jewelry

Art Set

Ages 12 and up

Basketball / Football / Soccer Balls (Size 5) and air pumps


Robotics / STEM / Engineering Sets or Toys

SnapCircuits Set

Drawing Set (Comic Book, Anime)

Jewelry Making Sets

Coloring Books (adult level) and colored pencils

Makeup Sets and Makeup Bags

Bath wraps


Perfume, cologne and lotions

Team apparel / hats

String Bags / Gym Bags



A few other general tips regarding new donations…

  • Try to donate complete gift sets either individually or teaming up with friends whenever possible. (Examples – dolls with clothes, scooters with helmets, playdough with molds, set of coordinating action figures instead of single figures, dishes with play food). This saves tons of preparation time!
  • Avoid gifts that will require ongoing expense to operate (toys with short battery lives)
  • If donating battery-powered toys, consider also donating supplies of batteries. Avoid toys with odd battery sizes.
  • For toys with many pieces, look for items that have containers included or consider also donating a container for storage.

A few things you can do to assist with Toy Joy preparations…

  • For used games, please make sure that all pieces required for use are included. If you have already checked your game for pieces, tape the box shut.
  • Make sure that puzzles have all pieces before donating. How disappointing to finish a puzzle and be missing the last piece! If you have already checked your puzzle for pieces, tape the box shut.
  • Remove price tags from all donations.
  • Volunteer to assist with donation sorting!

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