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PayPal Payment Options


You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal, but without an account you will only be able to make credit/debit card transaction which cost the church much more in fees than a checking/savings transaction.   Please consider signing up for a VANCO account in order to do checking/debit card transactions.  Please click on the HOW TO at the bottom of this page for instructions on using VANCO.  You may also register for a PayPal account and can include your checking account as a payment option through the PayPal account.


If you have a PayPal account, please consider using the checking account payment option within your PayPal account, as the fees charged to the church are much less (only 30 cents).

After your PayPal transaction you will be directed back to this page at which time you may consider making an additional donation to cover the fees associated if you used a credit/debit card (2.2% of the total plus 30 cents) by clicking the button below:

Donation to cover Credit/Debit Card Fees


Please click on the button below that is specific to the type of donation or payment you are making through PayPal.  When you complete your transaction you will directed back to this page to make another donation or payment. 

Please use the box asking for “special instructions to the FBC” to provide more information about a donation, activity ,or fee that will ensure the correct processing of your payment. Thanks.

FBC Cook Books Kay Huggins Golf Classic Registration Fee – $60

Caswell Church Retreat

Retreat costs are:  $70 per person   $200 max per family  $25 per person with no lodging but meals included

Easter Lilies


General Contribution

Mike Morris Fellowship Fund

Heck-Jones Missions Offering

NC Missions Offering

CBF Global Missions


Children’s Activity Cost – Please note activity and child.



These are the current activities for which we are accepting payments.  When you click the option to pay by PAYPAL by clicking the  “Youth Activity Cost” button below, you will have an opportunity to indicate the name of the youth and what activities (deposit or cost) for which you are paying with PAYPAL  You may abbreviate the activities similar to the following:

Youth Mission Trip     YMISSTRIP         $100

Youth Beach Trip       YBEACHTRIP      $100   

Youth Activity Cost – Please note activity and youth.


Small Group Book/Material Cost – Please note Small Group.


Softball Registration Fee


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